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Rai needs YOUR help!

Hello to everyone out there!

I need YOUR help! yes, you. even you in the corner. See, I’m taking a english class and for our final project I need to distribute a survey and compile the results and then write about it. So, I thought what better way to distribute a survey then my lovely twitter and tumblr friends!

So, help me out? 🙂 here’s the link: and thank you guys in advance! your awesome and you know it! 🙂

On the subject of alts and transfers…

wow alts

Sooo, This is the question I have been asking myself lately:

    When I restart my wow sub, which of my characters do I want to transfer to Argent dawn so I can be in the All things azeroth guild?

I have been having thoughts about resubing my wow subscription but stopped in the first place because most of my friends had stopped and I suppose I needed a break. At first I thought about transfering my druid (which is my main) because all my friends have deserted me and I could chill with the awesome people in heroes of lordaeron but on second thought if they come back I’d be without a decently geared toon on that server (and i’d be lying if I didn’t say transmog played a factor in this) .

So I have decided that since I have so many wonderfull alts that one of them are going to have a fun trip over to the Argent dawn server but I can’t decide which one to transfer! the above picture is the most current character list screenshot I can find
Now what factors do I have to consider when thinking about this transfer:

  • Alliance or horde?
  • Level
  • how attached am I to that character?
  • Transmogging (I’d be lying if I said it didnt matter)
  • playstyle of the character
  • what role(s) can the character do?
  • which professions does the character have?

Do I want to transfer my lovely priest and get the totally awesome Tier 6 gear to transmog? Do I want to heal? DPS? tank? Do I just want to cause general mayhem and mischief? 😀

when I started wow I had already been playing guild wars for a few years and had one of every profession but I had started making most of my alts around level 10 of my main (which was a ele) and as a result I straggled behind on leveling my main to 20 so once I started wow I made sure that I would get a character to 70 before I made any alts but once I did I made alot and that’s when I figured out that I love to experiment with all the different class types and skills (I’ve done this with RIFT as well! )

what do you guys think? what armor looks best for transmogging? any ideas or insight on how to pick a “winner”?